Monday, 3 October 2016

Kinnerton Dairy Free Advent Calendars 2016

Alright, alright so they're not the only dairy free Advent calendar you'll come across between now and Christmas, but if you want one that is dairy free, nut free and branded with a commercial, recognisable children's character, then these are the only chance you'll get. The characters available this year, are Peppa Pig, Thomas the Tank Engine, Homer Simpson and Tatty Teddy and the chocolate is also egg free and gluten free. The chocolate is made with soya lecithin, which is suitable for many with soya allergy, as the soya protein has been removed. Please check with your allergist or dietitian, if you are unsure about this.

Roll up, roll up!

Please note, the Paws Patrol and Trolls design are only available in the nut free version, not in the dairy free and nut free version, from what I understand.

The only reason I am highlighting Kinnerton's Advent Calendar so early, and not in my usual Advent post (which will follow at some point later in the season, when I know where definitely going to be sold, but in plenty of time for Christmas - see last year's post here, if you want to get an idea of what else will become available), is because Kinnerton's will NOT be available in any of your local shops but absolutely HAVE to be ordered in advance and by a certain time. This year there seems to be a little more time to get your order in, than in previous years, as you have until November 20th 2016.

The other thing Kinnerton offer, is to personalise your calendar with your child's name, and a little message, which is a nice added touch.

To register your interest and find out more, follow this link. When ordering, you will need to create a customer account, if you are a new customer, but can use your existing one, if you have registered with them before.

The cost of one of these Advent calendars of £6.50 is undoubtedly more than people will pay for a 'normal' chocolate Advent calendar, but please bear in mind that Kinnerton have had to invest extra in making sure these are absolutely safe for those with food allergies and this does mean extra expense. 

Other firms making dairy free Advent calendars may produce theirs for a slightly lesser cost, but cannot afford the copyright that they would need to pay in order to decorate theirs with commercial children's characters. So really the choice is up to you!

Please note: 

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