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A comment left on a blog post (about IKEA) recently, by someone trying to track down gluten free meatballs, left me thinking that there are heaps of products that Baby and I have got to know that may be useful to others. They are pretty much all listed in a post on this blog or on our Face Book page, but to find all of these products, you'd have a lot of trawling to do. 

So I've decided to compile a list and link them (click on the blue writing) to the posts in which they're featured and/or their own websites - so you can find out a bit more. It's not in its complete form, yet, so bear with us. This is just a start - we'll constantly be adding new products, as and when we find them (and have time to add them) which will probably be featured on face Book first (so you know where to find them). Oh, and if you have any more to add, please let us know :)

So here they are - our favourite (so not an exhaustive list, but tried and tested by us) dairy free (df), gluten free (gf), soya free (sf) and now including egg free (ef) products, as well as a few skin products, and where to source them. If you feel that some products are listed wrongly, please notify me, as soon as possible, as I would hate to misinform anyone.

In respect of the fact that for some people 'gluten free' means only products that have been officially tested, in line with UK standards I have amended some products originally listed as 'gluten free' to 'no gluten containing ingredients'. Also, in recognition of the fact that some people who cannot tolerate soya, may be OK with soya lecithin, I have indicated when a product contains 'just' soya lecithin. 

Please note: those highlighted in green are those that have been recently updated.

Baby Foods
Many early baby foods are free of allergens. I've not listed any here, as baby moved on from this stage some while ago, and the baby food manufacturers change their recipes all the time. Hipp Organic have a search facility on their website, to help you choose baby foods that are suitable, for your baby.

Farley's Original Rusks df (widely available)
Organix Goodies Organic Oaty Bites df (Tesco/Sainsbury's)
Organix Spicy Tomato Noughts and Crosses df/gf/sf (widely available)
Orgran's Itsy Bitsy Bears df/gf/sf/ef + nut free (Ocado)
Orgran's mini Outback Animals df/gf/sf/ef + nut free (Sainsbury's/Ocado)


New York Bagel Company's Plain Bagel Sandwich thins  (Ocado) 
Udi's Plain Bagels df/gf/sf (Tesco - Free From)
Udi's Chocolate Chip Bagels df/gf (Tesco - Free From)

Dove's Farm Gluten Free Flour (plain & self-raising) df/gf/sf/ef (widely available)
Dr Oetker's Baking Powder df/gf/sf/ef (widely available)

Doves Farm Cocoa Crunch Biscuits df/gf/sf/ef (health food stores)
Doves Farm Digestives may contain milk sf/ef (Waitrose)
Doves Farm Stem Ginger Cookies df/gf 
Enjoy Life Foods Soft Baked Double Chocolate Brownie Cookies df/gf/sf/ef/nf (Tesco - Free From 'Lifestyle Event')
Enjoy Life Foods Soft Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies df/gf/sf/ef/nf (Tesco - Free From 'Lifestyle Event')
Eskal Chocolate Chip Cookies df/ef (online from The Vegan Store/Free From For Kids)
Eskal Tea Biscuits df/gf/sf (Ocado/Goodness Direct/Amazon)
Fox's Party Rings no longer list may contain milk, but Baby still reacts mildly to these
Hobnobs may contain milk (Baby reacts mildly to these)
Kelkin's Jaffa Cakes df/gf (Sainsbury's - Free From)
Love More Free From Bourbons df/gf (Ocado - Free From, Love More website)
Love More Free From Jammy Wheels df/gf/ef (Waitrose - Free From)
Love More Free From O'Chocos df/gf soya lecithin (Ocado - Free From, Love More website)
Lucy's Chocolate Chip Cookies df/gf/ef + nut free (Health Food Shops/Whole Foods Market)
Lucy's Maple Bliss Cookies df/gf/ef + nut free (Health Food Shops/Whole Foods Market)
Lucy's Oatmeal Cookies df/gf/ef + nut free (Health Food Shops)
Rich Tea df/sf/ef (Waitrose Essentials/Tesco own)
Sun Start Supreme Golden Crunch df/gf/sf/ef (Tesco - Free From/Holland and Barrett)
Tesco Chocolate Chip Cookies df/gf/soya lecithin (Tesco - Free From)
Udi's Oreo-Style biscuits df/gf (Sainsbury's - Free From aisle)
Waitrose Essential Bourbon Biscuits df/may contain soya (Waitrose)

BFree White Bread Rolls df/gf/sf (Ocado)
BFree Multiseeded Wraps df/gf/sf/ef (Asda & Ocado)
Genius Triple Seeded Bread Rolls df/gf/sf Tesco/Waitrose - Free From)
Hovis Best of Both df/ef (widely available)
Jackson's Half White Bloomer df/sf/ef (Waitrose)
Just Brioche-Style Buns df/gf (Waitrose)
Kingmill 50/50 df/ef (widely available)
Warburton's (New Burn's Bakehouse) Gluten & Wheat Free Bread Rolls (for hotdogs) df/gf/sf (Waitrose/Ocado)
Warburton's (New Burn's Bakehouse) Sandwich Thins (White) df/gf/sf (Tesco & Waitrose)
Warburton's (New Burn's Bakehouse) Seeded Wraps df/gf/sf no egg but produced in a factory that handles egg (Tesco & Sainsbury's)

Bread Sticks
Dietary Specials Breasticks df/gf/sf/ef (Sainsbury's - Free From)
Nature's Path Breadsticks df/gf (Tesco - Free From)
Waitrose Plain Grissini df/sf/ef (Waitrose)
Waitrose Mini Breadsticks df/sf/ef (Waitrose)

Laverstock Park Buffalo Burgers df/gf/sf (Waitrose/Ocado - chiller)

Honeyrose Organic Carrot Cake df/gf/sf (Sainsbury's - Free From)
Respect Organics Carrot Cake df/sf (Tesco/Sainsbury's)
Date and Walnut Cake df (Waitrose own)
Genius Chocolate Cupcakes df/gf/soya lecithin (Sainsbury's - Free From)
Genius Lemon Cupcakes df/gf/sf (Sainsbury's - Free From)
Tesco 5 Angel Cake Slices df/gf/sf (Tesco - Free From)
Tesco 5 Coffee and Walnut Slices df/gf/sf (Tesco - Free From)
Udi's Toffe and Chocolate Chip Muffins df/gf/soya lecithin (Tesco - Freefrom)

Cake Decorations

Cake Mix
Hale and Hearty Classic Chocolate Cake Mix df/gf/sf (Sainsbury's - Free From)
Hale and Hearty Rich Chocolate Brownie Mix may contain traces of milk & soya gf (Waitrose - Free From/Planet Organic)
Hale and Hearty Classic Vanilla Sponge Mix df/gf/sf (Sainsbury's - Free From/Planet Organic) 
Mrs Crimble's Homebake Muffin & Sponge Mix df/gf/sf (Tesco/Sainsbury's - Free From)
These mixes do not appear to contain eggs, I'm not sure how easy it is to make them with egg replacers.

Cereal (not much here, as Baby doesn't eat much and I can't eat most)
Cheerios df/sf (widely available)
Kellog's Cornflakes df/sf/ef/wf not gluten free (widely available)
Kellog's Rice Krispies Multigrain Shapes df/sf/ef (widely available)
Nairn's Porridge Oats df/gf/sf/ef (Waitrose - Free From)
Shreddies df/sf/ef (Widely available)
Udi's Granola df/gf (Tesco)

Cereal/Snack Bars
Cofresh Coconut Bar df/sf/ef no gluten containing ingredients (Sainsbury's)
Cofresh Sesame Bar df/sf/ef no gluten containing ingredients (Sainsbury's)
Doves Farm Apple & Sultana may contain milk (Tesco/Waitrose)
Eat Natural Cranberries, Macademias & Dark Chocolate (for me, not Baby) gf/ef may contain milk, contains soya lecithin (widely available)
9 Bar Original df/gf (widely available)
Hale & Hearty Date & Chocolate Flapjack may contain traces of milk/gf /ef (Tesco/Sainsbury's - Free From)
Hale & Hearty Pure Oat Flapjack df/gf/sf/ef (Ocado/Planet Organic)
Naked Bars df/gf (widely available)
Nature Valley Oats and Honey df/ef  (widely available)
Nutribix (gf Weetabix) df/gf/sf/ef (Tesco/Home Bargains)

Cheezly (soya free version) df/gf/sf/ef (Holland & Barrett/Health food stores - chiller)
Cheezly (soya free melting version) df/gf/sf/ef (Holland & Barrett/Health food stores - chiller)
Creamy Risella df/gf/sf/ef (Health Food Stores)
Daiya Medium Cheddar Style 14 allergen free (Sainsbury's/Whole Foods UK)
Daiya Mozzarella Style Shreds 14 allergen free  (Sainsbury's/Whole Foods UK)
Mozzarisella df/gf/sf/ef (Health Food Stores)
Engevita Yeast Flakes (not strictly cheese, but can be used to add a 'cheese' flavour) df/sf/ef no gluten containing ingredients (health food stores/online at The Vegan Store)
Violife df/gf/sf/ef (Tesco/Asda/Morrisons- chiller, Holland & Barrett, Health Food Shops and online at Alternative Stores and Goodness Direct)
Violife Creamy df/gf/sf/ef (Tesco/Asda - chiller, Health Food Shops and online at Alternative Stores and Goodness Direct)
Violife Mozzarella df/gf/sf/ef (Holland & Barrett - chiller)
Violife Parmesan df/gf/sf/ef (Holland & Barrett - chiller)

  • Chocolate 

The list is long! Check these posts out:
Sweets for my Sweet
Oo! Ah! Chocolat!
Oo! Ah! Christmas Chocolat!
Oo! Ah! Christmas Chocolat 2014
Zero Zebra dairy free chocolate
Cocoa Libre
Dairy Free Chocolate Bars

  • Easter Eggs

  • Sweets
Fabulous Fudge Factory df/gf/ef (Sainsbury's)
Haribo Star Mix (& similar) df/sf/gf/ef (widely available)
Jelly Babies df/sf/ef (may contain wheat) (Widely available)
The Natural Confectionary Company Jelly Snakes (& similar) df/sf/ef may contain wheat (Waitrose/Tesco)
Swizzers Matlow Love Hearts df/sf/ef no gluten containing ingredients (widely available)

Atkins & Potts Mustard df/gf/sf/ef (Tesco)
Heinz Tomato Ketchup df/sf/ef no gluten containing ingredients (widely available)
Hellman's Original Mayonnaise df/sf-UK no gluten containing ingredients (widely available)
Meridian Tamari Soy Sauce df/gf/ef (Holland and Barrett/Whole Foods Market/health food stores)

Convenience Foods
Bird's Eye Cod Fish Fingers df (widely available - freezer)
Bird's Eye Mini Potato Waffles df/gf/sf/ef (widely available - freezer)
McCain's Smiles df/sf/ef no gluten containing ingredients (widely available - freezer)
Sainsbury's Free From Chicken Nuggets df/gf (Sainsbury's Free From freezer)

Cooked Meats
Duchy Organics Ham df/gf (Waitrose/Ocado - chiller)
Duchy Organics Roast Chicken df/gf (Waitrose/Ocado - chiller)

Cooking Sauces
Atkins & Potts Chausseur Cooking Sauce df/gf/sf (Tesco - Free From)
Dolmio Bolognese Smooth df/sf/NGCI (Sainsbury's/Tesco)
Dolmio Stir-in Sun-dried Tomato Pasta Sauce df/sf/ef no gluten containing ingredients (widely available)
Meridien Free From Korma Cooking Sauce df/gf/sf/ef (Holland and Barrett/health food stores/Ocado)
Meridien Free From Tikka Masala Cooking Sauce df/gf/sf/ef (Holland and Barrett/health food stores/Ocado)
Seeds of Change Classic Bolognese Pasta Sauce df/sf/ef no gluten containing ingredients (widely available)
Seeds of Change Sweet and Sour Oriental Sauce df/gf/sf/ef (widely available)
Seeds of Change Tomato & Basil Pasta Sauce df/sf/ef no gluten containing ingredients (widely available)
Seeds of Change Tomato & Olive Stir Through df/sf/ef no gluten containing ingredients (Waitrose)

Barkat Deli Crackers df/gf/ef (Health Food Stores)
Nairn's Gluten Free Oatcakes may contain traces of milk gf/ef/sf (widely available)
Tesco Snackers df/sf/ef/No wheat (Tesco)

Coconut Cream (tinned) df/gf/sf/ef (widely available)
Ecomil Almond Cream df/sf/ef no gluten containing ingredients (Health Food Stores - longlife)
Oatley Cream df/sf/ef low gluten, NOT gluten free (widely available - longlife)
Soyatoo Aerosol Cream (made with rice milk) df/sf (Health Food Stores/online at The Vegan Store)
Soyatoo Coconut Whip df/sf/ef no gluten containing ingredients (bought from online store)

Amaizin Organic Natural Corn Chips df/gf/sf (Sainsbury's - Free From)
Darling Spuds Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar df/gf/sf/ef in fact no major allergens!!! (Tesco)
Jack Pots Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar df/gf/sf
Kettle Chef's Signature Duck Crisps df/ef/NGCI (Sainsbury's/Waitrose)
Kettle Chips Lightly Salted df/sf/ef no gluten containing ingredients (widely available)
Kettle Chips Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar df/gf/sf/ef (widely available)
Pom Bear Original/Salt & Vinegar df/gf/ef contains soya lecithin (widely available)
Salt & Vinegar Waitrose & Asda only)
Seabrook Perfectly Unsalted df/sf/ef no gluten containing ingredients (Ocado/Some supermarkets)
Ten Acre Salt and Vinegar Crisps df/gf/sf 
Tesco Bacon Rashers df (Tesco)
Tyrells Naked df/gf (widely available)
Tyrells Seat Salt and Cider Vinegar df/gf/sf (widely available)

Alpro Smooth Chocolate Dessert df/gf/ef  (widely available)
Glamour Puds Passion Fruit Chiffon Pie df/gf/sf (Tesco/Whole Foods Market - Chiller)
Glamour Puds Hot Chocolate Fudge Pudding df/gf/soya lecithin (Tesco/Whole Foods Market - Chiller)
Glamour Puds Treacle Sponge Pudding df/gf/sf (Tesco/Whole Foods Market - Chiller)
Pudology Chocolate Puds df/gf/ef soya lecithin (Holland & Barrett/Ocado/Selfridges/Waitrose - chiller)
Tesco Free From Italian Chocolate Mousse df/gf/sf (Tesco - chiller)
Tesco Free From Italian Coffee Dessert df/gf/sf (Tesco - chiller)
Tesco Free From Italian Lemon Dessert df/gf/sf (Tesco - chiller)
The Living Food Kitchen Raw Cheesecakes df/gf (Goodness Direct)
The Pudding Club Treacle Pudding df (Waitrose - chiller)
Waitrose Summer Pudding df/sf (Waitrose/Ocado - chiller)

Dessert Sauces
Lyle's Butterscotch syrup df/gf/sf/ef (Sainsbury's)

Eczema Cream
Allergenics Cream (Holland and Barrett/health food stores)

Free From Frankfurters df/gf (Tesco - Free From/Chiller)
Unearthed df/gf/sf/ef (Waitrose/Ocado - chiller)

Finger Food
Cocktail Sausages df (Sainsbury's own - chiller)
Mini Scotch Eggs df (Waitrose own/Sainsbury's own - chiller)
NoG Pork Pie df/gf
Real Deli Falafels df/gf (Sainsbury's - chiller)
Real Deli Sweet Potato Pakoras df/gf (Sainsbury's - chiller)

Bird's Eye Cod Fish Fingers - df (widely available - freezer)
Mediterranean Sea Bass df/gf/sf/ef (Tesco - chiller/Ocado/Waitrose fish counter)
Organic Salmon df/gf/sf (Tesco - chiller/Waitrose fish counter)
Organic Prawns df/gf/sf (Tesco - chiller)

Bisto Favourite Granules df (widely available)
Free & Easy Gluten Free Vegetable Gravy Sauce Mix df/gf/sf
Knorr stock cubes
Marigold Swiss Bouillion (reduced salt) df/gf/ef (Tesco/Holland & Barrett)

Ice Cream
See post: Ice-a-cream-oh!
Alpro Ice cream df/gf/'may contain' soya and nuts (Tesco)
Almond Dream df, gf, some soya free (freezer Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Asda, Morrsions)
Swedish Glace Strawberry Choc Ice Lollies df, gf, ef, nf sesame free (Sainsbury's)
Swedish Glace ice cream df, gf, ef, nf (widely available)
Tesco Choc Ices df, gf,ef soya lecithin (Tesco Free From Freezer)
Tesco (Cornetto-style) Ice cream Cones df, gf, soya free (Tesco freezer)
Tesco Fruit Splits df, gf, soya free (Tesco freezer)

Ice Cream Cones
Askey's Waffle Style Ice cream Cones df/ef soya lecithin (widely available)
Barkat Ice Cream Cones df/gf/ef (Sainsbury's - Free From)
Eskal Ice Cream Cones df/gf/ef (Ocado/online at Goodness Direct)

Ice Lollies (Click title to see post)

Betty Crocker Buttercream Style Vanilla Icing may contain milk* (widely available)
Betty Crocker Buttercream Style Chocolate Icing may contain milk* (widely available)
Betty Crocker Cream Cheese Style Icing may contain milk* (widely available)
Betty Crocker Lemon Flavour Icing Icing may contain milk* (widely available)
Flossie Crum's Raspberry Flavour Icing df (Tesco/Lakeland)
Renshaw Cool Coloured Sugar Dough Icing df (Tesco)
Silver Spoon Designer Icing df (widely available)
Silver Spoon Writing Icing df (widely available)

*usually we avoid 'may contain milk' (see why here) however, these seem to be OK for us and we've used them loads.

Jam and Spreads
Meridian's Yeast Extract df/gf/sf/ef may contain traces of nuts/seasame (Health Food Store)
Plamil's Chocolate Spread df/gf/ef/nf (Health Foods Stores, online from Plamil)

Flora Sunflower Dairy Free Spread df, gf, soya free (Sainsbury's Chiller)
Koko Margarine (coocnut based) df, gf, soya free (Waitrose)
Pure Sunflower Spread df/gf/sf (widely available - chiller)
Stork Margarine (the block for baking, not the tubs) df/gf/sf  (widely available - chiller)
Trex df/gf/sf/ef (widely available - chiller)
Vitalite Sunflower Margarine df/gf/sf  (widely available - chiller)

Laverstock Park Buffalo Meatballs df/gf/sf (Waitrose/Ocado - chiller)

Alpro Almond Milk - Sweetened and Unsweetened df/gf/sf/ef (widely available - longlife/chiller)
Alpro Hazelnut Drink df/gf/sf (widely available - longlife/chiller)
Alpro Junior Plus 1 (for Baby) df/gf/ef (widely available - longlife)
Alpro Almond Chocolate Drink df/gf/sf (Tesco - longlife)
Blue Diamond Almond Milk - Sweetened and Unsweetened df/gf/sf/ef/ peanut free (widely available - longlife/chiller)
Blue Diamond Chocolate Almond Milk df/gf (Waitrose - longlife)
Kara 'Koko' Coconut Milk df/gf/sf/ef/nf (widely available - longlife)
Kara 'Koko' Chocolate & Strawberry Coconut Milk df/gf/sf (widely available - longlife)
Oatley df/sf/ef low gluten, NOT gluten free (widely available - longlife)

Larger supermarkets tend to have wider ranges of dairy free milk.

Bob the Builder Gluten Free Pasta df/gf/sf/ef (widely available - Free From)
Dell' Ugo Chickpea Fusili df/gf/sf (Waitrose - chiller/Ocado)
Pastella Vegetable Pasta (broccoli and peas) df/sf (Waitrose)
Pastella Vegetable Pasta (carrots) df/sf (Waitrose)

Genius Crosissants df/gf/sf (Tesco, Waitrose - Free From)
Schar Brioche df/gf (Tesco/ Waitrose - Free From)

Metcalf's Skinny Topcorn Sweet 'n Salt df/gf/sf (widely available)
Proper Popcorn df/sf/ef no gluten-containing ingredients (WFM /Planet Organic/Ocado)
Tesco Salty and Sweet
Tyrells Salty and Sweet

Ready Meals
Amy's Organics Burrito df/gf (whole Foods Market/Holland and Barrett - chiller)
Amy's Organics Macaroni Cheese df/gf/sf/ef (health food shops/Whole Foods Market - freezer)
Clive's Morrocan Tagine df/gf (Ocado)
Kirsty's df/gf & some sf (Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Asda - chiller/Ocado)

Debbie and Andrew's df/gf (widely available - chiller)
Jamie's df/gf (widely available - chiller)
Tesco finest traditional pork sausages df/gf/sf (Tesco - chiller)
Tesco finest traditional pork chipolatas df/gf/sf (Tesco - chiller)
The Black Farmer's df/gf (Ocado, Sainsbury'sMorrisons, Co-op - chiller)
The Black Farmer's Daughter's df/gf 
Nairn's df/gf (Waitrose - chiller/Ocado)

Tideford Organics df/gf/sf (Ocado)

Washing Liquid
DP Liquid Soap Flakes (Tesco/Waitrose)

Coyo coconut yoghurt df/gf/sf/ef (Tesco/Waitrose (selected branches), Ocado, Health Food Stores/Whole Foods Market - chiller)
Wot no dairy? Wot no soya? df/gf/sf (Holland and Barrett/Health Food Stores - longlife)
Xotic df/gf/sf (Online at Goodness Direct/Alternative Stores)

Remember: recipes may change at any time, so always check the labels.

Please note:
This page is my own work, except where I have openly shared links to others. I am not paid or sponsored to do this. It has been an effort to put it together. I'm more than happy to share my findings with those who need it, however, if you wish to use the material listed here, or anywhere else on my blog, please cite me as your source - it's only polite!

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