Going Dairy Free

So you've decided to 'go' Dairy Free? Where do you start? 

Here are some posts that might come in handy!

First of all, you might need a replacement for milk. Here are some that we use:

Which milk? When? Where?

Here's a breakdown, of the nutritional benefits of each dairy free milk:

Which dairy free milk is best?

Finding the perfect formula for the dairy free baby

When shopping, you will need to know what to avoid - milk can hide in strange guises. Our list of what to avoid can be found in this post:

Shopping around

You may be interested to know you can still eat ice cream:


And chocolate:

Oo! Ah! Chocolat!

You can bake all kinds of yummy goodies:

Baking dairy free

You can also still eat out:

Eating out - mission possible

More tips in this post - intended to help breastfeeding mums but also useful:

So you're breastfeeding dairy free... some things you may be missing out on

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