Eating Out

Eating out never used to be a challenge! I can remember the days when we'd just rock up somewhere and order whatever we felt like! That was before Baby of course! Now we juggle her dairy allergy with my intolerances to wheat/gluten and soya, oh yes, and oral allergy syndrome, which limits the amount of raw fruit and veg I can eat. 

Often we find that restaurants can manage plates without dairy or without wheat, but it's somewhat harder to avoid the two (which I am trying to do) at the same time - this makes eating out, already quite hard, even harder. 

Other intolerances take a back seat - not being as sensitive as someone who might get an anaphylactic reaction, I just try and avoid those bits on the plate and if I can't, I just hope the 'come back' the next day won't be too bad.

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