Breastfeeding Dairy Free

When Baby was diagnosed, I was breastfeeding. I had every intention of breastfeeding for as long as it took.  Little did I realise how long this would take! Of course I had a choice - to continue (and go dairy free myself) or switch to formula.

These posts chronicle the things I have learned about breastfeeding dairy free:

So you're breastfeeding dairy free... some things you may be missing out on

After the diagnosis... breast or bottle?

Breastfeeding the cow's milk protein intolerant infant means no more milk for me!

The true cost of breastfeeding dairy free

Are you getting enough... Calcium?

Getting enough? Vitamin D for you and me.

Weaning the dairy Free Baby - First Steps!

Is breastfeeding the Dairy Free 'Baby' finally over?

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