Dairy Substitutes

One of the first challenges of becoming dairy free was learning how to cut out milk. The next was to find ways of replacing it in our diet, both nutritionally and in terms of taste. 

Initially, all I was told was to try Oatley as a milk substitute. Here are some posts relating the things that I've learned since, that might be helpful to you if you find yourself in the same position as we were. Hopefully, it might make the task just a a little bit easier for you!


There are alternatives - milk substitutes

Finding the perfect formula for the dairy free baby

Which Milk? When? Where?

Which Dairy Free Milk is Best?

Have you tried Hemp?

Happy with Hazelnut?

Anyone for Almond Milk?

Tesco Sweetened Almond Milk

NEW Plenish Almond Milk

Koko strawberry drink

Life's a Dairy Free Almond Breeze (Sadly no longer on sale in Tesco)


There are dairy free alternatives, but they're certainly not butter!

Tesco NEW Avocado Dairy Free Margarine


Cheese, please! What are the dairy free alternatives?

More 'Cheese Please!' More dairy free alternatives to cheese

New cheese on the block - meet MozzaRisella!

An Alternative to Cheese and Alternative Stores

Violife Dairy Free Mozzarella Cheese

Oh my Daiya! Dairy Free Soya Free

Make Your Own - Dairy Free Cheese!


Koko Dairy Free Soya Free Yogurt

Wot no dairy! Wot no soya!

Xotic - another dairy and soya free yoghurt!

Heaven in a mouthful?

Co Yo Morello Cherry Yoghurt

Why we're all stirred up about... The Coconut Collaborative 'Dairy Free' Yoghurt


The Creme de la Dairy Free Creme

Ice Cream

Ice - a - cream - oh!

Choices! Tesco's NEW Free From Ice Creams

Alpro Ice Cream - dairy and soya free

Tesco Free From Cornetto-Style Cones

Swedish Glace Strawberry Choc Ices

Swedish Glace Almond Ice Cream (soya free)

Co-yo Ice Cream

Mint Choc Chip Almond Dream

Salted Caramel Almond Dream

Ice, Ice Baby

So where do you go when you need dairy free, nut free alternatives? (post driven by Alpro's changes)


Are you getting enough... Calcium? 

Can I interest you in a glass of broccoli?

Getting enough? Vitamin D for you and me.

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