Friday, 24 February 2012

An Addendum to Winter Warmers

The new kid  on the block!
Stop Press! Excitement of excitements - another update! You may have read my post, the other week, on dairy free hot chocolate. Well it seems that I no longer have to make mine the old-fashioned way, using cocoa powder - as I found out in my most recent trip to my local Tesco Extra. 

Not to be outdone by Oatley, Alpro and the like, Kara, (who make coconut milk) have now brought out a chocolate version! And yes! I have not wasted any time - I have already purchased some and tried it! 

To my mind, it tastes very similar to the kind of hot chocolate instants you can buy (if you are able to tolerate dairy) like the one produced by Galaxy. It's very sweet, kind of syrupy in flavour. However, having become recently reacquainted with my old-fashioned version (made with Green and Blacks) I'm not sure how ready I am to like this new version. Still you never know, I've got most of the carton left and it may yet grow on me! 

Hmm! Now, I wonder how it might taste cooked with some pudding rice for a few hours? It could be good, or... well I've never claimed to be a Nigella now, have I?

Update: Kara, has since been renamed 'Koko'

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