Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Oo! Ah! Christmas Chocolat!

I think The Hub is pretty amazing anyway, but tonight, as far as I'm concerned, he surpassed himself. Knowing that I had been feeling pretty awful earlier in the day (I'll spare you the sob story) he brought me home some chocolate, and not just any chocolate - he'd been to Hotel Chocolat. As if that were not enough, he'd brought me home not just a little something, but actually quite a supply!

First there was a little something - the mini buche (which I've already mentioned in a previous post about dairy free chocolate - Oo! Ah! Chocolat!) then there were these:

One for the grown-ups!
An Advent calendar. 

Not just any advent calendar, but a classy, smooth, sophisticated calendar. Definitely one for the grown-ups, it contains: '24 fabulous Christmas sculptures!!' There's a price to pay for this quality of chocolate though - it's £12.00, which is far more than you'd pay for most advent calendars that I've come across!

There are, of course, other cheaper Advent calendars out there. Moo Free Advent calendars can be found in 200 of Waitrose stores, but are also sold in various Health Food shops and online, at Love Lactose Free Life.

Meanwhile, Celtic Chocolates 'Choices' Advent calendar can be found in Sainsbury's and Holland and Barrett (who also have some boxes of chocolate, specially for Christmas) as well.

The next item the Hub produced, this evening, was a box of these:

At Easter, Hotel Chocolat produced some 'Tiddly Chicks,' but for Christmas, here we have some Tiddly Penguins. Personally, I think they look a little bit like the scary penguin in the Wallace and Grommit film, The Wrong Trousers, but Baby seemed quite taken with this little chap. Mind you, he was made of chocolate!!

There were eight little penguins in the box, which cost £5.00. There's not eight any more of course - Baby had one and I've also attacked the box, but there are still some left.

Finally, there was this jolly chap!

This chocolate lolly is obviously for Baby - though possibly not all at once, as he's quite big - for a lolly!! This 'Dark Dasher Lick' cost The Hub £1.95. Quite possibly, he'd make a good stocking filler, although as it happens, I've already bought her one of these:

A Moo Free chocolate Santa. Moo Free chocolate, by the way, is definitely free from all dairy and wheat/gluten. It is not made with soya, but may contain traces of soya.

So, it seems that Christmas has arrived at Hotel Chocolat, which is great news for the dairy free - just so long as you are okay with the following:
  • There may be traces of milk (we've never had a problem, but not everyone can afford to take that risk).
  • The chocolate is made with soya lecithin (most people allergic to soya are okay with soya lecithin, but not all).
  • Their chocolate may contain traces of tree nuts and peanuts.
Quelle surprise!
The Christmas chocolate range available at Hotel Chocolat is actually more extensive than what has been shown here, but The Hub (not wishing to be selfish) didn't buy out the entire shop. If you wish to peruse the rest of their selection, click here.

Now, all that's left to say (in the words of Hotel Chocolat) is, 'Let the gorgeousness countdown begin!' 

How long is it 'til Advent? 'Cos I'm not sure that I can wait that long!


  1. Aah what a fabulous hubby you have. I think it's even more special for us because we know the effort involved with hunting out these goodies. I need to take a trip to Hotel Chocolat :)

    1. The Hub IS rather good at treating me with dairy free goodies! I think he feels a bit bad that I have to miss out on stuff, and is trying to compensate - which he does rather well :)

      Definitely go to Hotel Chocolat! I think there's one near you, so you should be able to get there fairly easily :)

  2. I'm not sure how I missed this post??? Thank you for the mention (greatly appreciated) and huge thanks for a fantastic post. I rarely get close to Hotel Chocolat and many other places you shop so this information is always really welcome in our house x

  3. Your welcome! Glad you enjoyed the post :) x