Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Sweet Valentine

Last year I wondered if The Hub had read the post I wrote for Valentine's Day. It turns out he did, or at least I think he did. He bought me a chocolate heart from Hotel Chocolat anyway, and I still have it, as it was far too pretty for me to eat. 

Hotel Chocolat's dark chocolate (in case you don't know) is listed as suitable for vegans, so dairy free. This year, Hotel Chocolat brought out something similar to what The Hub bought me last year. 
Still beautiful, but this year, on a stick!
Last year, Baby clearly had no intention of being left out of proceedings, and tried to make off with Daddy's pressie, so this year, I've decided to get in there first - I've been casting around for a few gems that she might like, or that we could share with her. 

Perhaps an obvious choice (they seem to be everywhere this year) are Love Hearts. Last year Baby wasn't too keen, but it's amazing how her tastes have changed in the last year or so - she's now after one of my fave ready meals, given half a chance (Amy's Gluten and Dairy Free Macaroni and Cheese).

Such a cute tin!
You can find them in various packages - The Works had a big tube for about a pound, but I thought these (you can find these fairly easily in the supermarkets, for around £2.50) were perfect. I really love the tin, which could be kept to keep little items safe - I'm thinking it would make a great pin tin for my sewing box, but I suspect Baby will have other ideas!!

There's not mention of any allergens on the tin, of any kind.

Another classic sweet is these Haribo hearts. Not quite so cute a package, you get two of these bags in a box.

Baby loves Haribo
Containing gelatin, they're not suitable for vegans, but are dairy and egg free (no mention of nuts/gluten).

Thorntons have also produced some Jelly Hearts. You would think they might be slightly more classy, but I found the packaging a little bit disappointing! 

Is it just me, or is the package a bit naff?
These sweets may contain milk, eggs and nuts, so they're not the greatest option, if you need to be at all careful. They say they contain no gluten-containing ingredients. I'll leave that one up to you to judge!!

These Pomegranate Hearts, by Biona, I found in our health food shop. Safe for almost anyone; they are suitable for Vegans and gluten free (but there's no mention of nuts)!

These ARE gluten free !
Perhaps my favourite find was this mug - by Emma Bridgewater. It was a Christmas design, so reduced down from £19.99 to around £5 in my local garden centre. Me, I don't mind that it was meant for Christmas - with those love hearts (well I think they're topical anyway). Unfortunately, unless you live near me, you won't be able to buy that one, but if you live near Sainsbury's, you will be able to buy these Marshmallow Hearts.

Unfortunately, Baby has raided these already, so the label has disappeared and I can't tell you about the ingredients! But hey! They must be dairy free, 'cos she's been okay!

Something that will definitely be OK are some cute slate heart coasters that I saw in Waitrose, the other day. Now, those will definitely be dairy free!

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  1. Some great ideas here, I will go out and buy them all on the 15th when they will be in the sales lol x