Thursday, 15 May 2014

Dairy Free, Gluten Free Breakfast at Beefeaters

Don't know if you're planning a trip to Disneyland Paris, but if you're dealing with food allergies you've got to think carefully about how you're going to get there. 

We opted for Eurostar - catching the train from Ashford station, in Kent. For us, given the hour that Eurostar sets off (one train to Disneyland each day, means no choice over time of day. That meant an over night stay somewhere. 

We decided to book a family room at a Premier Inn, not far from the station. One of the main reasons for this, was that The Hub discovered we could order a dairy and gluten free breakfast from the Beefeater Restaurant that was situated right next door!


Eat as much as you want and kids go free.

Even better!!

We'd stayed at a Premier Inn a few years ago, but not realised that this option existed. Time to check it out, then!

I have to admit, I was pretty ecstatic to discover (as I perused the breakfast menu, the night before), that they serve unlimited Costa coffee at breakfast. A former tea addict, I am now, thanks to The Hub, firmly converted to 'proper' coffee!

Of course they serve tea too! 

I was also pleased to note the following:


See that? 'Gluten free bread is also available...' as is soya milk. 

Wow! Okay, many of us dairy free folks can't have soya milk, for one reason for another, I can't, and 'Baby' won't touch anything other than what she's used to, but I was impressed - I've stayed in a few hotels, since going dairy free and never noticed a hotel offer this option before. But maybe I lead too sheltered a life??

Having perused the allergy menu online, we turned up at the Beefeater for breakfast. I could not fault the polite service we were given. The buffet table was laden with the usual fare you're offered at most hotels: cereal, juice, etc. etc. Okay, there was no white linen on the tables, but there was the Costa coffee, as promised. It was served from a flask, but didn't taste too bad for all that.

Better than instant, any day!

As we thought 'Baby' would happily eat it, we ordered a cooked breakfast. 'Baby' was able to have sausage with her cooked brekkie, as it was dairy free. She also had hash browns.

Of course she didn't eat ALL of this, but I ordered a choice of things that I thought there was a chance of her eating!

I couldn't, have sausage, as the sausage wasn't gluten free, or hash browns, due to a 'significant risk' of cross-contamination, but I wasn't bothered, as there was still plenty of food on my plate:

Not going without

There was also dairy free sunflower spread on the table:

This toast's 'Baby's'

And look! Here's my gluten free toast! Happy days!

Two slices! I did eat it all, as I had no idea how well I would eat later in the day!

It was just as well we enjoyed that breakfast, it wasn't exactly a taster of things to come!

But more on that another time...

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