Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Fancy a date... at the Allergy and Free From Show 2014??

Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! I gotta date!!

Nooooo! Not with The Hub!! He'll be my babysitter, on this occasion, or so I hope)  ;)

I've found a fellow gluten and dairy free (well, shes' lactose free) gal pal to go with me to The Allergy Show. 

Just like I was a few years ago (read about it here and here), she is an Allergy Show virgin and is really up for it!

What's it all about?

If you want to know what on earth I'm on about, well it is pretty much the Allergy and Free From highlight of the year, for me, anyway. If you haven't been before, and are wondering whether it's worth it, well yes, I think it is! Hence this post!

It's the allergy equivalent of the London Boat Show for sailors or Chelsea Garden Show for the gardeners, or the Ideal Home Show  for... well you know, whoever goes to that one!

It's an area filled with all kinds of things to do with allergies, food, skin or otherwise.

There's opportunities to hear and speak with all kinds of experts and free from food folks...

there's opportunities to try and buy the latest in free from food, direct from the manufacturers (often at special show prices)...

opportunities to watch cookery demonstrations...

the major supermarkets are also represented there... 

and so on and so forth!!

So, like my friend, you might initially want to know:

When is it?

Well, there are two, now. The one in London is in July this year, from the 4th to the 6th.
The second (and slightly smaller one) is in Liverpool from 25th to 26th October.

Where is it held?

Olympia, in London.
BT Convention Centre, in Liverpool.

Click here for directions to both.

Any other info you may need to know is in this post that I wrote before last year's show, but with a few extra things to note:

1. The two hour spotlight sessions, in London, this year are on Food Allergy (Saturday July 5th at 11.00am) and on The Sensitive Gut (Sunday July 6th, at 11.00am). You need to purchase tickets for these. Last year they sold out well before the event. Tickets for one person are £10.00 and for two are currently at the special price of £15.00. Dr Adam Fox is speaking at the first. He is one of the head honchos in Allergy treatment in the UK.

2. The Allergy Show was held in conjunction last year with the V Delicious Show. This year, The Back Pain Show and Love Natural Love Organic will also be sharing the space. With this in mind, please take extra care to read ingredients lists and ask any questions that you would normally ask. Don't take anything for granted. 

Last year I didn't realise that the V Delicious Show was going to be occupying the same space/room as The Allergy Show and the only way of telling when you were in one part or the other, was by colour coding - pink for the V Delicious bit and green for The Allergy Show. Hence I wandered around, without a clue, looking for the entrance to the V-Delicious bit, for hours! OK, so maybe I'm  bit thick...

3. Last year the show was incredibly crowded. As a result, I am NOT planning to take 'Baby', which is a shame, as I want to check out Allergy Adventures in action again this year, and without an excuse to hover, I might look a bit dodgy! However, apart from this space there was not much room for 'Baby's' pushchair among all the crowds, and I didn't dare let her out - resulting in one cross and frustrated small child. Even though The Hub took her to a nearby park for an hour or so, the day was far too much for her.

4. New this year - you can purchase VIP tickets!! These tickets allow early access to beat the crowds, a free special cloakroom, priority seating in lectures, VIP lounge, VIP treats and more! I'll be honest, they are pretty pricey - starting from £45 for a single one day pass *GULP*!! But, thinking about it, you may just be thanking your lucky stars by the end of the day!!

So do you want to go? Do you? Do you?

Well, if the answer is, 'YES!' click here, to get yourself some free 'Standard' tickets (otherwise priced at £7.50 for a single one day pass in advance, or £10.00 for a single one day pass on the day of the show)! 

Go on! Y'know it makes sense!! 

And, what's more, if you use dairyFREEbaby as your code you can get 20% off the price of a VIP ticket.

Good huh??

No need to thank me...  I get my tickets for free too!  ;)

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