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Oo! Ah! Christmas Chocolat! 2014

This is it folks! 

*Cue drum roll*

For it is the time of year when we all eye what 'normal' folks are able to get from the shops, by way of seasonal products, and wish for our own - dairy free, of course!

Well, as per usual, I've been eyeing up all the dairy free options, and it seems that there is more availability than ever, this year!

I have, of course, been keeping folks updated via Twitter and Face Book, whenever a 'find' has been made, but here is the list again - just to prevent anyone from missing out on anything!

Previously, I've begun with the more pricey stuff, but this time we're kicking off our list with...

Moo Free

This is one of my favourite dairy free brands - quite simply because it tastes good and is now so freely available - thanks to Sainsbury's! I love he fact that I can now pick up a bar (or maybe two) of Moo Free when I do my supermarket shop!

For Christmas, Merry Moo's Selection Box (containing a Mini Moo chocolate bar, a Mini Moo Bunnycomb Bar, a Mini Moo Minty Moo Bar, a Mini Moo Cheeky Orange Bar and a Mini Moo Santa Bar) for £4.49. It's also available from Holland and Barrett for the same price. It's £4.50 at Ocado.

Via Ocado, you can buy an ideal stocking filler, the Mini Moo Santa Bar, for £1.25 and the Advent Calendar for £4.99. I'm also expecting these to appear in Waitrose before too long!

Mini Moo Selection Box and Advent Calendar

Allergy Information:
Dairy, egg and gluten free. It may contain soya and hazelnuts.

'Choices' by Celtic Chocolates

Another dairy free brand that I enjoy is Celtic Chocolates - you can find them in most of the major supermarkets in various guises - usually as the stores 'own brand' free from chocolate, but sometimes under their own name of 'Choices'!

Their Advent Calendar is available from Sainsbury's, Tesco and Asda - the designs are all different on the outside, but inside the chocolate is the same! Interestingly, depending on where you buy it, you might be charged very differently for exactly the same thing! Sadly, my Asda doesn't have them!

Sainsbury's £2.69
Tesco £3.25

'Choices' at Sainsbury's

Their Chocolate Santa comes in 'milk' chocolate and white chocolate. It's available at both Sainsbury's and Tesco for £1, or you can pay £1.79 for the white chocolate or £1 for the 'milk' chocolate at Ocado. Holland and Barrett have both Santas priced at £1.49 each.

Great stocking fillers!

The Chocolate Discs (coins to you and me) are sold via Sainsbury's for £1.59 or at the moment for 2 for £2.50. Sometimes these are sold in read and green wrappers. They are a great favourite in our house, for parties (see here) and also for making Christmas tree decorations (see here)! I have also recently seen them in Tesco in silver and purple wrappers, for £1.50. I thought they'd disappeared, but they've reappeared in the Seasonal aisle in a special free from section!

See? Same thing, but different packaging!

Choices also make Assorted Nets - basically a selection pack. These are sold by Ocado for £5.50.

If you're looking for a gift, their Caramel Gift Box is priced at £4.59 (Ocado).

For after dinner mints, try their Mint Crisps - available from Sainsbury's under their 'own brand' for £2.49 at the moment.

Allergy Information:
Dairy and gluten free. The chocolate is made with soya lecithin. The Caramels are also made with soya flour. I have heard (via @Twobabyfoxes on Twitter - who has been in correspondence with them) that they are also nut free.


Kinnerton specialise in making chocolate that is specifically nut free. They also make a dairy, egg and gluten free chocolate. This is quite a dark chocolate. They do make an Advent Calendar, but you have to join their mailing list to obtain one. They release the order form for these in September - they have to be ordered well in advance as they do a very limited run. This was highlighted on the Dairy Free Baby and Me Face Book page a while back. It's too late to get one for this year, but you can sign up to be notified for next year (see here).

However, this year, Kinnerton have produced a large Chocolate Santa, which is available through Asda.

Nice to see Kinnerton branching out!

Allergy Information:
Dairy, gluten, egg and nut free. Made with soya lecithin.


Plamil have been around for a while, but are only becoming more widely available quite recently. Their pack of Snowmen can be found at Holland and Barrett and some health food shops. They can also be bought online directly from Plamil (see here).We tried these last year and 'Baby' and I both enjoyed them, but the chocolate was quite hard to bite into. 

Plamil's Snowmen

They also make Advent calendars, which are available through health food stores or their website, but I think Holland and Barrett's Advent dairy free calendars are also made by Plamil. 

Allergy Information:
Dairy and nut free. They are made without, but may contain soya.

Hotel Chocolat

Their 'Without Dairy' range, this year, consists of their usual classy Advent Calendar, priced £12.50.

Dark Chocolate Advent Calendar

And these little lovelies:

Ho Ho Ho Dark ChocolateTiddly PenguinsDark Chocolate Red Star Decoration
Mini Santas: 3 for £2.50; Tiddly Penguins: 8 for £5.50; Star Tree Decorations: 1 for £1.95 or 5 for £8. The Star contains 3 mini snowflakes. What a classy way of adding chocolate to your Christmas tree!

Rabot 1745 Large 450g Festive Wreath Christmas Nights 100g SlabChristmas Giandujas Selector

Rabat 1475 Small 100g Christmas Wreath: £8; Christmas Nights 100g Chocolate Slab: £3.75, or mix and match with other selectors for £3.15 each; Christmas Giandujas Selector: 6 truffles for £3.75, or mix and match selector packs 3 for £3.15 each.
10 Chilli Chocolate Penguins Rabot 1745 Large 450g Festive Wreath
Chocolate Chilli Penguins: 10 for £7, or three or more for £6; Rabat 1475 Large 450g Christmas Wreath: £22.

Sadly, however, Hotel Chocolat aren't making their dark chocolate Rudolph licks this year, sadly, theey're only available in milk and white chocolate. They've also discontinued the dark chocolate smiley licks as well, which is a real shame as 'Baby' used to like these.

Allergy Information:

'Without dairy' isn't the same as completely milk free. Somewhere on their website I noted a message that stated that all the Hotel Chocolat dark chocolates that are listed as 'Vegan' are considered suitable for Vegans but they cannot guarantee no traces of milk whatsoever. 

All the dark chocolates are made with soya lecithin. Most people allergic to soya should be okay with soya lecithin, as the protein has been removed, however, some people still experience a reaction.

The Advent calendar, Dark Chocolate Star, Tiddly Penguins, The Chilli Penguins and the Mini Santas are also made without gluten. However, you shouldn't necessarily read this as gluten free.

Some Hotel Chocolat chocolates contain nuts, therefore all Hotel Chocolat chocolates may contain traces.

Not all of the 'Without Dairy' chocolates are 'Vegan' - the lists are slightly different! 

See the Hotel Chocolat website for more details.


Montezuma's have a few shops scatttered around the south of England, but it is also available to buy online. They sell milk chocolate and dark chocolate. Some (but not all) of their dark chocolate items are made without dairy and are listed as Vegan. Some of you may be okay with their dark chocolate, see notes on allergies (below), for further information.

Dark Chocolate Advent Calendar is made with organic chocolate and is suitable for Vegans. It costs £9.99.

Dark Christmas Star £3.99 or 3 for £11.

Allergy Information:

Montezuma's dark chocolate is described as suitable for Vegans or those avoiding dairy. They say it may contain dairy and nuts, but is free from gluten and soya.

Personally, we do not eat Montezuma's, as I think 'Baby' reacted to it, when she tried some last year. We only tried it because the shop assistant described their manufacturing and cleaning practices in some detail and it seemed thorough, enough, but not for us!


New to my list, this year, is Ayni - a paleo chocolate, that is free from the top allergens! It is also refined sugar free. Unfortunately, it's only available by ordering online, but what I've seen does look worth the effort (see here)! 

I've not tried any yet, but apparently Ayni was exhibiting at the Liverpool Allergy Show in October, and I've heard that they taste good!

I love the look of their Advent chocolates from £3.99 

How cute are these?

...and also their Christmas Cracker from £2.99. I certainly wouldn't say no, to this in my stocking, this year!

A classy Christmas treat!

Allergy Information: 

Ayni is free from dairy, egg, gluten, grain, soya, sesame and nuts! It is also refined sugar free.

D & D Chocolates

I first found D and D Chocolates some while ago. They are another source of dairy free chocolate that is also only available online. We love their mini Easter eggs (see here).They don't sell ready packed Advent Calendars, but they do sell some refillable ones, as well as the shapes with which to fill them! These Chocolate Advent Calendar Shapes are £6.49 for 25.

Chocolate Advent Calendar shapes

And there's also these Christmas Tree Decorations 6 for £3.98.

Dairy free Christmas tree decorations!
Meanwhile, these Chocolate Minty Snowmen are £8.75 for a box of twelve. they might seem pricey, but won a Free From Food Award, earlier this year!

Chocolate Minty Snowmen x 12
Tasty after dinner treat?

Allergy Information:

Free from dairy, gluten, eggs and nuts. Not made with soya, but may contain.

D and D also have Christmas Carob, for those for whom chocolate is not an option (see here).

And finally...

If you're struggling to find a stockist, of these products, near you, you may like to try the following online sites: 

A Lot of Chocolates
Alternative Stores (online Vegan store)
Free From for Kids
Goodness Direct
Sam's Pantry (based in Ireland but will post to the UK)
Tasha's Dairy Free Delights (also makes her own hand made chocolates)
The Shop in the Shed
The Vegan Store (watch out as some details, such as 'may contain milk' may not be listed)

And if you'd rather do without chocolate, many toy stores sell Advent calendars containing small toys - I know Playmobile make some. And Holland and Barrett also sell a Peppa Pig and a Thomas the Tank Engine Advent Calendar containing vitamins! Well that's certainly one way of getting them in!

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  1. A great post! I'm not 100% lactose ree, as it seems I can have some, but I have to be careful about how much, so it's useful to see how much choice there is. With the Kinnerton's advent calendars, I don't know if it's a regional issue, but they stock them in a number of places near me. I bought 4 of them for 99p each from a local cheapy card shop! So they are about, but you do have to keep your eyes peeled for them.