Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Sweet Dairy Free Valentine!

Have you a dairy free valentine making your heart flutter? Are you casting around for ideas to treat that dairy free someone special in your life? 

Well, I may just be able to help you out!

We don't make a huge deal of Valentine's Day - mostly it's cards, choccies, flowers and a meal at home. We could eat out, but bearing in mind how busy it is on that day of the year, I don't think we will!

If you are planning on going out for a Valentine's meal, and are wondering where you might go, that's suitable, you might like to check out these older posts, which might give you some ideas, of where you might like to go!

Meanwhile, if you're looking for some sweet treats for your dairy free Valentine, well, it's not an exhaustive list, but here's a few ideas:

A classic!

I've seen these classic Love Heart tins in a number of places, like Sainsbury's, but £1.99 at The Works is pretty hard to beat!

Last year, you could also buy boxes of Haribo hearts from places like Poundland, and 'Baby' insisted on me buying some marshmalllow hearts too - from Waitrose, I think!

However, if chocolate is more your thing:

D and D Chocolates have plenty of other ideas on their website. D and D Chocolates chocolate is all dairy, gluten and nut free. It is made with sunflower lecithin but they do carry a warning that they may contain soya - although they have assured me that the risk is minimal.

Ayni is another great company, you can find online. I love their Chocolate Love Hearts, priced from £1.25 (plus P&P).


And also these Raspberry Cream Hearts. Which are priced from £3.00.

So cute!

You can check out their full range of Valentine chocolate here. Ayni's chocolate is Paleo - handmade without dairy, gluten, soya, sesame, nuts or refined sugar. See here, for more details.

If you're looking for something from the High Street:

Hotel Chocolat have a few Valentine offerings, that aren't too pricey, there's this:

Dark Chocolate Heart Lick
I really love the romantic design on these!

Dark Chocolate Heart Lick - they're £2.50 each. I've had a few of these! You used to be able to get them without the stick. This year, I see that they are now available, without the stick, in miniature form. See below:

Wink Wink
Aren't they cute?

Wink Wink - five dark chocolate hearts for £2.50

These Hotel Chocolat's products are made with dark chocolate that is made without dairy. From looking at their website, it seems they may use the same equipment as milk chocolate, but clean carefully between batches. A similar policy exists regarding gluten. They are made with soya lecithin - many folks who have a soya allergy or intolerance are okay with the lecithin (as the protein is removed). Unfortunately, for those of you who have to avoid nuts, Hotel Chocolat cannot guarantee that their chocolate is nut free.

Booja Booja If you want to splash out a bit more on your Valentine, you may prefer to give them a box of Booja Booja truffles, which you can find in most good health food stores, sometimes in Holland and Barrett and even in Waitrose! 

Booja Booja truffles are both dairy and gluten free. They are, also quite yummy, so they make a great treat! However, they are made with soya lecithin and nuts.

However, should you wish to be a little more personal and creative, then I suggest you buy some dairy free chocolate drops, from Plamil, or Hotel Chocolat, then take a look at this site - they sell the most gorgeous chocolate moulds. Although Valentine's Day is just around the corner, I think there's still just enough time!

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