Friday, 1 January 2016

My first dairy and gluten free burger - why we're lovin' McDonald's Oslo, Norway

I know! I'm a bit like a record gone wrong - every time I go somewhere different, I always end up in McDonald's!

'Tis sadly true, but is mostly because it's just too convenient, and, having just landed in a strange land AND needing something pronto because you have a hangry child, you just need somewhere reliable to go, where you (and said child) can immediately get your bearings! The last thing you need to be doing is scanning through a menu trying to work out whether you can find something free of umpteen different things. And of course The Hub had already checked out the menu online, so we knew exactly what we could have before we got there!

It was also an attractive proposition because THIS one, unlike any other I have previously visited, was able to offer me something I've never had before - a gluten free Mc Donald's hamburger! And here it is! It was also dairy, wheat and soya free! 

Gluten free, dairy free!
Hat trick!!  
So I had a hamburger fries and salad. A complete meal, in fact! Huzzah!!

To avoid mistakes, the wrappers state 'gluten free'

The Kiddo, meanwhile, being only dairy free, happily tucked into the chicken nuggets Happy Meal (she could have had a hamburger as well). Normally, in the UK, she would have a fish finger and that would be her lot, but elsewhere (as we found in Paris) the nuggets are often dairy free.

Also absurdly happy it was a Snoopy Happy Meal!

The Kiddo was also happy, because there was a free play area! It was a great way of keeping her entertained whilst we queued for the food - the service was a bit on the slow side, and the soft drinks were self-service. 

So all in all we were happy campers, and trundled away well-fed, but it did leave one query in my mind... here, in the UK we are told gluten free burgers at Mc Donald's are not an option, because there just isn't the space in the kitchens. However the kitchen in Oslo didn't look any bigger to me, than any I've seen in England... SO, I wonder, maybe the will to do it in England is lacking, and NOT the space?? 

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  1. This is an amazing article! And it gives us some gleam of hope too!! Our little boy is dairy free and like you said only has the fish fingers and chips whenever we go to McDonalds! But it must be getting so boring for him by now! I wonder if there is any way we could start a petition to get some kind of free range in the UK? I wouldn't even mind if we had to wait 10-20 minutes for them to make it! Be worth it to see our little Felix light up as he bites into something other than fish fingers!!!