Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Deck the Trees with Dairy Free Chocolate... Tra la la a la, la la la la!

In a previous post (see here), written a few years ago now, I shared with you my efforts in making my own Christmas tree decorations - dairy free chocolate ones being in short supply in those days. These days, I know you can get some from D & D Chocolates (an online company that only makes free from chocolate - see here), but I still love the fun of making my own... and so does 'Baby' - well 'Kiddo' these days!!

However, having munched through the supplies of chocolate coins I had bought from Tesco (yikes) and found that Sainsbury's had mysteriously suddenly not got any (after having them on the shelves ALL year), I realized an alternative was required!! Hence this post!!

Ta da! An alternative has surely been found - in the shape of Tesco's new chocolate fondant truffles! And very nice they are too (I've been taste testing, don't you know)!! I got my inspiration from some Christmas Tree decorations I designed for the craft table at the Toddler Group I help run.

Now I've just got to find some discipline not to eat all truffles too! :)

Where there's a will, and all that! :)

What you will need:

Box of Tesco Dairy Free Chocolate Truffles 
(or Choices Caramel Flavoured Chocolates - same thing - see here)
Star shape gift tags 
Glue Dots
Stick-on Gems

Using gift tags makes this so easy peasy, that young children can easily make them.

How to make your decorations:

1. Stick two/three glue dots on the back of your truffle - it may help to make sure you cover the bit where the foil joins at the back - you don't want your choccy falling out after all!
The danger is that the truffle wrapping might come adrift!

2. Attach your foil wrapped truffle to the middle of a star-shaped gift tag - mine are from Waitrose (on offer, at two for three), but I'm sure you can find them elsewhere, either that or you can cut and make your own.

Already looking good!

3. You could leave your decorations just as they are, but I love a bit of bling. If you do too than you can embellish your gift tag with stick-on gems, like so:

Bling! Bling!

4. Now don't forget to tie the ribbon at the top of your tags, and they're all ready to hang on your tree!

Now to actually put my tree up... ho hum!!

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