Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The one with an 'ology' - Pudology!

Before launching in to this product review, I must just say, I really love the name 'Pudology'. Maureen Lipman is all I'm saying. Those of you of a certain vintage will know exactly what I'm talking about. Those who don't... well I'm sure there's a clip on YouTube of that particular BT advert... somewhere!!

I first came across Pudology at The Allergy show, last year and was completely blown away by their chocolate dessert. It was so chocolatey and so yummy - without the horridly disappointing synthetic aftertaste that I had half been expecting. In fact, in my Allergy Show post I described them as on a par to the desserts I used to love (prior to going dairy free) made by Gu.

I was so excited when I heard that Ocado were going to be stocking Pudology and as soon as they did, I wasted no time in ordering some. As Ocado stocked both the chocolate and the strawberry versions, I got to try both!!

The Chocolate One
Eating the chocolate version was just like being reacquainted with an old friend - everything I had loved, remembered and hoped for!!

I have to admit, I do wonder whether the main reason I love the chocolate dessert is because it's 38% chocolate - which is exactly what it tastes like - soft, smooth yummy chocolate!

My only gripe is that the servings are quite small in comparison to other desserts out there. Being so rich, though, I suppose you could have 'too much of a good thing' if they were very much larger.

Every picture tells a story - see how clean I've left the pot!

Coconut milk, dark chocolate (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soya lecithin, natural vanilla flavouring), water sugar, Madagascan vanilla extract

Allergy Advice:
Contains soya. Not suitable for nut allergy sufferers due to manufacturing methods used.

The Strawberry One
I have also tried the Strawberry Pud. Now, this doesn't hit the spot for me, as much as the chocolate pud did (but then it can hardly have escaped the notice of those of you who follow regularly, that I am a bit of a chocoholic)! That said, I do enjoy eating the strawberry pud. In fact, I positively craved it, just before Easter, but had to 'make do' (!) with the chocolate pud, as the strawberry had proved so popular (with the customers of Ocado) that it sold out!

The strawberry version is reminiscent of a cheesecake and cheesecake, for me, is a bit of a personal quest because  finding a 'cheesecake' which is not only dairy and gluten free, but soya free as well has proved to be quite difficult. 

I know Food Heaven have produced a lemon flavoured cheesecake and a forest fruits flavoured cheesecake. These can be bought from the freezer department of some large Sainsbury's and Tescos. However, although they are both dairy free, they are not suitable for me, as they are not soya or gluten free (like many others who are intolerant of soya, I'm okay with soya lecithin - found in most chocolate).  So I was delighted to find in Pudology, a 'cheesecake' that although it 'may contain soya,' otherwise satisfied all of my criteria.

I'm afraid to say, it's so long since I've tasted a cheesecake that I've no idea how these puds compare to the 'real thing'. All I can do is describe the puds as I found them. 

Ta da! Dairy & gluten free cheesecake!

The biscuit base, which is soft and crumbly, is perhaps a bit like shortbread, but without being quite so sweet. The topping, the flavour of which is delicately balanced, is mousse-like. You get the definite taste of strawberry, without being too tart or too sweet and also without any horrid artificial aftertaste! 

If I were to find fault with this pud, I think I would like a slightly more crunchy base and a fruity strawberry sauce on the top. However, I hate to complain, because I'm so excited to find a decent dairy and gluten free pudding.

Strawberry Topping - Coconut Milk, Strawberry Puree (strawberries, inverted sugar syrup), Sugar Stabiliser: (corn starch, pectin E440, agar E406, carob gum E410, sugar).
Biscuit Base - Flour Blend (rice, tapioca, maize, buckwheat), Vegetable Fat Spread (vegetable oils, water, salt, emulsifier: mono- and di-glycerides of fatty acids, flavourings, vitamin E, citiric acid, colour: beta-carotene, vitamins A and D), Sugar

Allergy Advice:
May contain Soya. Not suitable for nut allergy sufferers due to manufacturing methods used.

Where to buy:
If you want to get your hands on Pudology puds, then not only are they available from Ocado, they are now being sold in Selfridges, independent health food shops, and selected branches of Waitrose and Sainsbury's. Follow this link to find out more. 
Update: As from June 16th, they will be available from a Tesco near you! See here for stockists!

What's more, new flavours have been added:
There's a lemon pud, a banoffee pud (this one is made with soya) as well as a chocolate orange version, which 'Baby' loves!! 

Find out more about Pudology, as revealed by Pig in the Kitchen, here!

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  1. I've only tried the chocolate (strawberry allergy!) I hope they are available in more Waitrose stores in the future so I can get my hands on them more often :)

    1. Oh, well the chocolate is my favourite, anyway, hopefully the Banoffee will be released soon, I think you should be fine with that one. I,however, may not be able to eat that one, if it contains soya.

      And yes, I agree, more Waitrose should stock them!! :)