Saturday, 21 September 2013

Baked to Taste Pies and Cakes

One of my 'Holy Grails' (you know, the things you've missed since going dairy/gluten free, that are usually the preserves of a gluten and dairy-filled diet) for some time now, has been pastry. 

I've run a bit scared of making it myself, as I'm no expert in the kitchen anyway and don't want to end up with a dreaded 'soggy bottom' (one for the fans of The Great British Bake-Off there). I know I ought to give it a go. I even have a few cheats up my sleeve, such as a Mrs Crimble's packet mix, but that's not seen the light of day for a while (hope it's not gone out of date)!

Partly, it's because 'Baby' is a fussy chick. There's nothing worse than slaving over a hot stove, or oven, or whatever, to make something you think she'll like, only to  have her reject it. At times like these, if she's decided she doesn't want it, then it doesn't matter what you do, she won't touch it and you can't always just whip another option out of thin air.

The other reason I haven't touched pastry is that so many pastry recipes involve desserts and we don't really do desserts in our house. 

However, there are times when I've secretly craved something carboholic and pastry covered. SO, what to do? 

Well, I've finally found a way of having my pastry and eating it - dairy and gluten free. They're by a small company, based in Devon, called 'Baked to Taste'.

I first came across their wares at a local garden centre a few months ago - there were just a few cakey type things, nothing that screamed 'pastry' at me. Then, at Celiac's Fayre, one lunchtime, when I felt like departing from 'my usual' and it was suggested that I might like to try a pie. I could hardly believe it when I heard that they were both dairy and gluten free, as I've come across pastries that are either gluten or dairy free, but none that are both! I had to examine the packages for myself, to make sure, and yep, there it was in black and white, so I went for it! 

That day I had the chicken pie, and it was so good that I ended up buying some more 'Baked to Taste' products and taking them home, to store in my freezer - including a steak pie, an apple pie, (which I ate cold and was yum) and a vegetarian pie, made with butternut squash and cannellini beans! 

Since then I've tried the steak pie too. All were good but I think the steak pie was particularly so. Not only was the pastry 'right' (just what I'd been hankering for and nothing like the supermarket Free From pastry products), but the quality of the steak in the pie was amazing - no horrid gristly or fatty bits, but really good meat in a lovely rich gravy.

The steak pie

A few weeks later, when I made my way down to Deli Divine, I picked up a few more 'Baked to Taste' products, to try. I already knew that they did a few cakey/cookie type things, but this Lemon Drizzle cake (mentioned in another post) really is amazing! The sponge soft, the topping tangy. I really couldn't fault it. It didn't taste 'free from' in anyway whatsoever!

A lemon drizzle to die for!
Another 'Baked to Taste' find, was a packet of ready made pastry, which I've yet to try, but I've stored in my freezer, for the right moment. I'm not sure when that will be, but now that the summer's gone, I quite fancy making a treacle tart, served with some yummy warming custard.

So, you've heard a bit about the products, but how do you get your hands on them? Well, the good news, is, that if you can't make the journey to Celiac's Fayre or Deli Divine, you don't have to go without. You can buy them online from Deli Divine, or, if you have enough room in your freezer, 'Baked to Taste' sell their products online from their own website, however you have to buy in bulk (boxes of twelve). 

Be warned not all their products are dairy free - their quiches, for example, are made with 'normal' cheese and quite a few of their cakes are too. Neither (for those of us who can't have soya) are they all soya free. The sausage roll is made with soya. 

Well, I've had my say, now it's over to you, to give 'Baked to Taste' a try and see if you agree that they are, as their packaging states, 'Filled with Imagination.'

'Filled with imagination?'

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