Thursday, 5 September 2013

Live your life BFree - Wrap & Roll!!

'Live your life be free!' Song lyrics, right? And SO in keeping with this product review! 

I first came across BFree at The Allergy Show. Well sort of. I saw the stand, but there were heaps of people crowding around (story of my life) and the wraps seemed to contain an unsuitable filling (dairy). Unable to get the attention of anyone with whom I could discuss them in depth, and knowing I'm often NOT okay even with gluten free bread, I was unwilling to throw my cash at yet another gluten free bread product just by chance, so off I went - cash firmly remaining in hand. 

BUT the wraps stayed in the back of my mind. I noticed that  they were due to be sold in Asda, but couldn't find any near me, SO, during my recent visit to Deli Divine, I plucked up courage and pulled out some dough of my own, in order to buy some (yes, yes, yes, pun completely intended). 

Having heard good things about the wraps (via Twitter) and unsure how great my gut is with wholemeal style breads, I went for the wraps and the white bread rolls.

Looking good?

I have to say, I couldn't believe just how soft the wraps were, when I got them out of the packet. I slapped on a bit of mayo, ham and then some salad leaves and got rolling. 

Yep - they rolled just fine. I couldn't believe it. Based on previous experience with gluten free bread, I had really expected them to be rather dry and to crack quite a bit, but no!!

So far so good. Next the taste test. Yep! Passed with me just fine. 'Baby' apparently yes, then... not so, but then she is a completely fussy little whatsit about all kinds of food, so no surprises there, then!

I am completely sold on these. I would happily eat them again and again. I'm hoping to make some fajitas sometime, as long as the gut doesn't object to the spices (plain food is often better for me).

The rolls I held off trying for a day or so, but today was 'bite the bullet' time - after all I didn't want them to go off before I ate them! As most gluten free bread is better toasted, the best taste test was to try them untoasted. Whoa! Couldn't believe how much like a proper bread roll they tasted!

What also stunned me was the texture. As previously observed most gluten free bread is dry and tends to fall apart. Some loaves are also known for the vast holes that appear within them. Not so with BFree!

Despite having been defrosted and in my cupboard for about a week, the rolls still had a nice firm spring to them and didn't crumble when I cut them in half, or at all, in fact. No cavernous holes anywhere.

Looks 'normal' huh?
Unlike most gluten free breads, I would happily eat these as an untoasted bread roll, as in fact, a 'normal' sandwich. See here: 

Great for a sandwich

This would make having lunch out (and therefore life in general) much easier for me, as most gluten free bread rolls are unpalatable in this form. I would also use these as burger buns at a BBQ. They also happen to taste nice toasted. I just needed some nice home made marmalade to top them off - made do with honey instead.

Now, much as I love these buns, I think I prefer the wraps, but either way, here are two great additions to the gluten free bread market. I can see me using them a lot (feeling freer already). We're just waiting for them to become available at Ocado. I thought they were, but it seems I was wrong - it's the bread, not the wraps, so there's going to be a product request going in!

P.S. What's in them? Ah yes! If you want to know what's in the buns, the list is long but the ingredients are listed here. And the wraps? Here!


  1. My isn't won over by these at all unfortunately, I don't mind them but was expecting them to taste much nicer due to all the positive reviews!

    1. It's funny how some people can really like something and others not. I think this will come across in our next product review. Obviously it's each to his/her own. I think too, that if your options are more limited (I can't have normal wraps because of gluten or Warburtons, because of milk)you might become less choosy, but I was genuinely pleased with these.