Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Flying Swiss Air with the Dairy Free 'Baby' (Part Two)... Or Thank God for Burger King!!

Having travelled Business class en route to Switzerland, The Hub (in his wisdom), decided we should return via Economy. The reasoning behind this was that we'd need less luggage allowance on the way home (you get more in Business), 'cos we'd have consumed our stocks of Free From food, and also because, for some reason, it was more expensive to upgrade to Business, for the return journey. 

The only issue I had with this arrangement was food. Apparently, there wasn't any provision provision for special diets in Economy - when travelling  short-haul, within Europe! Grr! 

Having left the travel arrangements in The Hub's usually quite capable hands, I was horrified to discover only the night before our return to the UK that The Hub had somehow omitted to work out what we were going to do for 'Baby' and me. In truth, I think he had mentioned to me something about it before, but in the maelstrom of all that happened in the last two months before Christmas, I don't think I took too much notice!!

So the questions was, what were we going to do?? 

Me? I could cope for a few extra hours without food but 'Baby'?? Well, you just don't want to KNOW what she's like when she is tired and hungry... our flight was scheduled for around her evening mealtime - just exactly when she WOULD be tired and hungry!! No panic there, then! 

Somehow I resisted the urge to scream!!

Instead, cue frantic searching of Zurich airport's website - for suitable restaurants!

There was just one that stood out - no not McDonald's this time but Burger King. Quelle horror! Okay, so not exactly ideal, but looking at their menus online, it seemed we might find something there to keep the proverbial wolf from the door! We had, by the way, visited Burger King in the past (when all else failed), but in the UK, so we needed to check, as restaurant chains sometimes have variations in the menu, and we needed to make sure!

Not quite Leon, but never knew I'd be so glad to see a Burger King!

As it happened, we didn't hang around for long in Burger King - partly because we wanted to head on down to Departures, but also because the grill-type restaurant next door was emitting a strong smell of cooked cheese. 

Delicious as it smelled, we are pretty sure that 'Baby' has had tummy aches as a result of spending too long in cafes where milk is being steamed and once her cheeks came up when The Hub made cheese toasties at home, so we thought best not to linger - just in case!!

Down in Departures, we tucked into our food. 'Baby's' offering was a chicken burger with fries:

'Baby's' Burger

It contained green stuff and a sauce, which wasn't to 'Baby's' taste, but The Hub was able to scrape enough away, with the edge of my knife, to persuade her to eat it.

Unsurprisingly, there wasn't much for me - salad and fries it was!! BUT, actually, the salad was quite big - bigger than the McDonald's salad I'd had in Zermatt!! Although perhaps not quite so fresh, however, time of day may have had something to do with that!

Better variety than the McDonald's salad too!

It was just as well that we had eaten before boarding the plane - for a start there was some delay, but also, because unsurprisingly, the food on board, needless to say, was unsuitable for both 'Baby' and Me.

The Hub's Swiss Air refreshment came in the shape of this sandwich-type thing - loaded with Swiss cheese!

Oo! If only!

As my fellow passengers enjoyed their gluten and dairy filled rolls, I glumly reflected that in in times past, I would have enjoyed them too. Unable to do a thing about it, I resolved to make the most of the liquid refreshment...

Examining the bottle for allergen information, I finally discovered that it contained Sulphites - I can cope with that!

... along with some Schar gluten free crackers, that I'd bought from the Co-op in Zermatt!

'Baby's' liquid lunch, well, dinner, was apple juice, accompanied by the remainder of  her Burger King fries and a few Waitrose Essential Bourbon biscuits, that we'd brought from England.

Anyone for a liquid lunch/tea?

Mind you, remembering how little we actually ate of our meals on the outward bound flight, had we travelled Business class a second time, would we actually have fared any better??

Other travelling issues aside, I must say, I was impressed with Zurich airport children's facilities! It has two rooms for families/children!!

The Nursery/Playroom, that we visited was amazing! It had toys, books, table football, toilets, nappy changing facilities, food preparation facilities, dining table and chairs - even a sleep room, for little ones (although, actually, I can imagine a few parents might find this a useful place to crash too)!!

It was attended by a welcoming lady and was kept very clean. This was obviously due, in part, to notices emphasizing that parents should clean up after using the nappy changing facilities and other bits and pieces. This is exactly how the Swiss operate in everyday life - everyone is expected to play their part and take responsibility for themselves, their homes, their pets etc. etc. - it governs every part of their lives. 

From a food allergy perspective, I was particularly impressed by this notice on the wall:

Look how spotless it all is!

How reassuring for parents of children with food allergies! You've just gotta love the Swiss' love of cleanliness and insistence on everyone taking responsibility for themselves!!

If we pass this way with 'Baby' again, I know exactly where I'll be heading!!

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