Thursday, 15 March 2012

More on the Easter Bunny's progress

Getting a bit impatient with the Sainsbury's/Kinnerton's Dairy Free Easter Bunny now. Supposedly available in 'selected' stores, I've been to the three Sainsbury's near me several times (two of which are large stores) and am yet to find one - and I have family (in different parts of the UK) on the case too!

They may, of course, just be waiting for Mother's Day to be over and done with first - to make more room in the seasonal aisle. But time is running out now... (taps toe in frustration).

Meanwhile, the dairy free 'milk' chocolate egg that I was looking for in Tescos has made an appearance elsewhere! Spotted in Holland & Barrett alongside a 'white chocolate' one!! The white one is smaller but has cute bunnies on it - now that's a bit more like it!! The packaging on the others hasn't changed from last year, but at least I know what to look for. And if you're shopping in Holland & Barrett right now it's 'Buy one get one half price time' - bargainous!! 
Woo hoo! Choices - aptly named!

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