Saturday, 28 April 2012

Anyone for porridge?

Anyone else woke up to another soggy, wet day? Just the day for trying out porridge, I thought! 

Beginning to thicken!
Porridge used to be a favourite of mine, when I went on camps as a young 'un. One morning some joker decided to add a special ingredient to the mix - one saucepan had green food dye and the other blue. A lot of porridge went to waste that morning, but not mine!

Well, this morning, I decided to give it a go with gluten free oats and almond milk. 

"I don't like porridge!" declared Baby, in disgust, when she discovered what I was up to. 
"That's alright," I replied, "because its not for you anyway!" 
"Hmph!" she said (she's developing quite an effective 'hmph' these days).

'Making porridge is really quite simple, even for me,' I thought to myself. However I DO recommend not decanting your oats into a smart jar, 'cos you lose the instructions for making porridge, as I found out this morning.

Et voila! The finished article! And it tastes YUMMY!
Once I'd located the recipe elsewhere, 50g of oats were poured into the pan, followed by 300ml  of almond milk. It was brought to boil and stirred but didn't thicken. This turned out to be because I needed more heat - I had erred too much on the side of caution following other culinary disasters.

Eventually the porridge thickened and I added my special ingredient - a good splodge of golden syrup! You should try it - it's much nicer than sugar!

"Mmm!" said Baby, when she saw my bowl of porridge. 'Woo hoo!' I thought, 'she's going to eat it and like it this time.' Then I saw the heavily laden spoon making it's way to my mouth. 'OK,' I resigned myself, 'maybe next time!'

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