Monday, 14 May 2012

Dietitian Time Coming Up!

It's dietitian time again soon. I must not forget to... hmm! Now let me see... I know I was supposed to challenge her again, but was there something else? 

And did she say to challenge Baby three or four weeks before I went or leave it three or four weeks before trying again? Rats! I've forgotten! Where's my notes? Surely I wrote it all down? What about my notebook on the iphone? Nope! Oh well! At least I wrote the date and time for the next appointment on the calendar. 

Such was the state of my mind one Saturday morning! 

Sometimes going to the dietitian's is a bit like going to college - you get homework!! It's fine remembering it all, if it's something to start straight away and keep going with, but it's much harder to remember when it's a few months down the line!!

So I've come up with a little check list to run through, before my next appointment:

  • Write down any questions I want to ask the dietitian before I go, otherwise, in the bustle of going out, I'll probably forget them!
  • Take plenty of coins - the car park charges at hospitals are atrocious - £4 last time. And now there is a Costa in the lobby, (what a shame) so of course I'll want a few extra coins there!
  • Take snacks and drinks for Baby - they'll keep her happy for a bit and she's bound to get hungry & thirsty at some point (especially if we're kept waiting).
  • Baby will need some form of entertainment - there's nothing worse than trying to hold a conversation with the dietitian whilst Baby's getting bored and restless. These days a Night Garden comic (they have loads of good stickers that she can do without too much help) and a few crayons usually does the trick.
  • Take a notebook and pen (must remember to do this) as otherwise it's easy to forget what we've discussed and decided upon.
  • Take a diary, in order to plan the next appointment - no good just writing it down on a scrap of paper, as it might clash with something else and scraps of paper get lost in my bag anyway.
  • Try to calculate how much milk she is getting daily before the appointment, as they're bound to ask! Me saying: 'Hmm! Well... may be a cup at bedtime and some in her mashed potato...' etc. isn't much use to anyone! Cup sizes vary, so 'a cup' could mean anything!
  • Take a rough meal plan for a 'normal' week - so I don't have to try and think back and list everything we ate!

Hopefully, if I follow my own advice, the next visit will all go swimmingly!


  1. About to visit the hospital about Ruby's eye and this checklist is fab.....why are the car parks sooo expensive? x

  2. dairyfreebabyandme14 May 2012 at 21:06

    Shocking isn't it? I think it's called helping to fund the NHS!! Hope Ruby's appointment goes well xx