Saturday, 12 May 2012

Happy with Hazelnut?

I've loved hazelnuts since I was little. The parents used to buy them at Christmas time and once I got the taste for them, I could eat them for England! However, I have to admit, I did wonder what Alpro were playing at by producing yet another nut based milk. After all, nut allergies are so common these days. I was a bit unsure if I should try it, as sometimes I get allergic reactions from nuts, however in the interests of research, I decided I ought to give it a go. 

What they say:
It's made by Alpro, they say it's: 'Smooth & creamy with a rich taste of hazelnuts.'

What does it contain?
It contains: Water, Sugar, Tri-calcium Phosphate, Sea Salt, Stablisiers (Locust Bean Gum & Gellan Gum), Emulsifier (Sunflower Lecithin), Vitamins (Riboflavin (B2), B12, E, D2) and, of course, Hazelnuts (2.5%).

Daily allowances (adults)
One serving (200ml) of Hazelnut Milk contains the following: 
30% of your RDA Calcium and Vitamin D2.
7% of your RDA Sugar
5% of your RDA Fat
4% of your RDA Salt

Allergy advice
Free From dairy, and soya. Contains hazelnuts (quelle surprise)! May contain traces of other nuts.

The Initial Taste Test
Pouring it into a glass, I have to admit that I was slightly taken aback by the colour of this drink. I tend to expect milk to look white or off white, however, this particular form of milk looks like a very milky chocolate milkshake. I'm guessing that's due to the natural qualities of the hazelnutI suppose I should have known what to expect from the pictures on the carton, but I'm afraid I pretty much missed those. I sipped cautiously at first, remembering my experience with Almond Milk (nothing to do with the unsuitability of the product, just my body's allergic reaction). The hazelnut flavour came straight through, followed by a certain kind of creaminess. I liked it! 

Further trials
Hazelnut Porridge. Yum!
It didn't take me long to finish off my cereal sample and charge straight into the porridge challenge. The porridge was slightly brown in colour, but it would take more than that to put me off - especially as it proved to taste delicious.

Not being one for creamy tea, I gave this trial a miss, but leaped at the chance to try it in my coffee. 

When I tried frothing it, a thin layer of froth appeared, not as much as with the almond milk, perhaps, but it was there. I wasn't disappointed though, as I had a hunch that it would taste good and it did! 

Make mine hazelnut!
The Hub was more sparing in his praise, when he tried the hazelnut milk in his coffee, but maybe that's because he doesn't have his black, like I do. It certainly made a welcome change, for me.

Any indication of suitability for young children?
As usual Alpro makes things very clear. They state that it is OK for children over the age of one but not as a main milk drink. I would follow that up with a caution to check with your doctor or dietitian first, if your baby/young child has any allergies/intolerances, as Baby is now over the age of one and still advised not to try nuts just yet.

On the allergic side of things, I was fine. So really, for me, it's straight down to flavour, and, as I think you can tell by now, I liked it! So much so, that as I think hazelnut and chocolate is a great combination, I'm planning on using it to make hot chocolate and maybe rice pudding too!

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