Saturday, 4 April 2015

Too little, too late Hotel Chocolat ruin Easter!

Am absolutely seething! 

It turns out Hotel Chocolat's 'milk-free milk chocolate' Easter chocolate was recalled on GOOD FRIDAY!! 

Not the best news to hear just before Easter, with days, even hours to go!

As far as I can make out, one milk allergic child has had an anaphylactic shock as a result of eating their 'milk-free milk' bunnies.

Food manufacturers are in breach of the law by labelling products 'milk free' when they are not.

Misleading labelling??

If you have bought some Hotel Chocolat 'milk free' chocolate and are in any doubt at all about how safe it may be for you or your little one, please DON'T consume. Return to the shop and you should be refunded.

I am glad to see the FSA are taking this matter seriously. See full details from the Food Standard's Agency here:

I hope this will stand as a warning to any other food manufacturers making 'dairy free' or 'milk free' claims. As I have been stating for some time now, 'may contain' products DO NOT count as dairy free, and ARE misleading to milk allergic customers, who cannot all be expected to be experts in the finer points of food allergen labelling, as regards legalities.


Many thanks to @MrsAitchBee (on Twitter) and others on Facebook for keeping me informed. Without their help I would be completely unaware of this terrible news either!!

Hotel Chocolat's response statement today is just NOT good enough - they should have made this distinction clear from the beginning, they sent out press releases and wrote a blog post about this new chocolate. NOWHERE (that I could find) until now, did they make this clear. 

Hotel Chocolat's statement can be found here:

Oh yes, and from now on, please boycott them, for leading their innocent customers on!

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  1. They cocked up, for sure. On a selfish level, on behalf of vegans, I hope they come back on the market, with clearer labelling.

    Why didn't they just call it 'almond milk chocolate'?