Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Free From Frozen Eggs-piration for Easter

It all started with 'Baby's' request for a Frozen Easter egg! 

'Hmph! Well that's not gonna happen!' I thought!

She just doesn't get that!

'Is that one dairy free?' she asks, every time she spots a Frozen Easter egg in the supermarket aisle. 

Needless to say, I avoid taking her to the supermarket to avoid the inevitable questions along with the inevitable answer. 'No!' 

The thing is dairy free is just not mainstream is it? The Disney franchise is HUGE, and I'm guessing that Disney packaging comes too expensive for those who manufacture our niche market Free From Easter eggs.

Last year, Doc Mc Stuffins was the object of 'Baby's' affections, so the answer to the lack of Free From Doc Mc Stuffins Easter eggs was overcome by straight swapping. See how here.

I could have done the same this year, as Kinnerton have brought out similar Frozen sets this year.

Now she's older, I think this set may be a little on the small side!

But! This year the stakes are higher - the eggs she's been looking at are rather larger than what she had last year. AND I'm teaching her to read the word 'milk' in ingredients boxes - I was a bit worried she'd start reading 'milk chocolate' on the side of reused packaging and get confused!

Then I came across this Frozen mug (for £2.50) in Asda and had a bit of an idea!

Let it go?

As it happened to look about the right size for the Free From Easter egg I found in Asda the same day, my idea soon took shape!

Here's the egg!

1. Take Easter egg out of packaging and place it in said Frozen mug! (Other popular character mugs also available.)

Fits perfectly!

2. I placed the Easter egg and mug in a cellophane wrapper, bought online from Amazon and tied the top with curling ribbon. You can also buy cellophane treat wrappers in Poundland, but theirs are patterened. The cellophane wrapper was necessary, as the original plastic covering for the Easter egg had to go - to accommodate the mug as well.

This bag actually self-sealed - the curling ribbon was just ornamental!

3. The mug and Easter egg were then placed back into the Free From Easter egg box. It fitted just right!

Perfect fit!

Hmm! However, it still wasn't quite finished to my satisfaction - the outer packaging didn't really match - although the colour palate was pretty similar - with the sky blue of Elsa's dress and the magenta of Anna's cloak.

I toyed with the idea of taking apart the packaging and redesigning it on card, or creating a printable, using Frozen images, but the problem with the printable was the copyright.

Then I hit on the idea of decoupage!

Decoupage is basically cutting and pasting. I decided to augment the current packaging, rather than cover up the whole thing.

I gathered Frozen packaging, comics, wrapping paper, stickers and other scrap bits (there's a lot in our house, I like keeping things in case they come in useful) like this ring packaging, from making up 'Baby's' party bags a while back (Poundland):

We have loads of Frozen 'scraps' like this!

It fitted perfectly on the corner of the lid.

You can still read the 'Free From' bit!

The front was a bit more tricky - I went for one character each side of the window of the box. Anna was easier to stick -being cut from wrapping paper. She folded nicely round the corner of the box.

I made sure I added the 'Disney Frozen' label too - to authenticate it a bit!

Elsa was a bit harder being cut from card. Pritt stick is OK for the lighter wrapping paper, but not for the card, something like PVA is better for that - and you need to be patient for it to try!

Finally, TA-DA!!

Hey Presto!

A Frozen Free From Egg! 


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