Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Seven super ways to use up your Easter choccy...

How much is too much? And can you have too much of a good thing? Is it possible to die by chocolate??

I'm just wondering... 'cos 'Baby' (thanks to the love and generosity of various family members), ended up with a HUGE pile of dairy free choccy over Easter. 

She had in total, six Easter eggs, two Easter bunnies and ten small choccy eggs from her Easter egg hunt!

I love chocolate, but that much choccy for a five year old, well I think it's a bit unhealthy!

A lot of choccy?
Well, anyway, inspired by my SIL (who uses up her kids excess chocolate in her baking), I thought that was quite enough for one little girl, so I started casting around for some ideas to 'help' her use it up. Please note that is you have stumbled across this post and are not dairy/gluten free don't go away - you can always un-dairy/gluten free these ideas! :)

1) There were these dairy, egg and gluten free Easter Nests, that we made the other year:

Easy and fun to make for little ones!

Of course they don't need to be Easter nests, they just as easily be chocolate crispy cakes, and if you use the right kind of chocolate, they can be soya and nut free too!

2) There were these dairy and gluten free Alien Cookies:

64 calories each!

This could be made soya free, with the right kind of chocolate. You will need to break up your Easter chocolate into little pieces, to create the chocolate chunks required for this one and then you'll be good to go. If you're looking for something fairly healthy, this may be the best way of using up your choccy stash - as it contains a secret ingredient, meaning each cookie is approximately just sixty four calories! 

3) There's always Silvana's Super Shortbread:

These can be blinged up with chocolate and sprinkles!

Okay, okay, they don't require any chocolate at all, but I've always thought these dairy and gluten free shortbread biscuits would be fab dipped in dairy free chocolate - they've just never lasted long enough for this to actually happen!

4) If you're looking for a little more sweetness, there's always Hokey Pokey

Shh! Don't tell your dentist!

Again, I've always thought this would be fab dipped in chooclate, but as with the shortbread, the only problem with this one is that it doesn't hang around for long! With only three ingredients, it's free of all kinds of things - except sugar!

5) Another 'healthier' option is Barbecued Bananas:

You don't necessarily NEED to crack open the BBQ for this one!

You may think it's a bit early in the year for a barbecue, but it can always be baked in the oven!

6) If you're feeling more indulgent, you may prefer to make this Yummy Chocolate Sauce:

Easy peasy!

This super sauce is easy to make and extremely versatile!

7) The one I've opted for, this year though, is gonna make great use of our Easter marshmallow collection too! Can you guess what it is yet? Here's a sneak preview of what's coming to a blog near you, very soon!


No, it's not healthy at all, I'm afraid, but if we share it out with family and friends, maybe it's not so bad!

Link to Rocky Road now added here!

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  1. My goodness that's a lot of choc for a small person! We have a similar situation for our 15 month old! And to cap it all turns out she doesn't (yet!) like chocolate! I've turned hers into a dairy free chocolate frosting by melting it with coconut cream which I will later whip and use on top of a cake. maybe a little taste of that will be more to Madam's liking ;)