Friday, 27 May 2016

Black Forest Swiss Roll - Baking Without 'Baby'

So, I'm Baking Without 'Baby' at the mo! Let's be honest, it is easier that way!!

One of my favourite cake recipes that I return to time and again, is this one, by Mary Berry. It is completely foolproof (if you get the chance to make it by yourself), even when substituting gluten free flour for the plain.

I've used it several times for making a Yule Log at Christmas, and often, just as a straightforward chocolate Swiss Roll - partly because it is such an easy recipe, but also because it is popular with both Kiddo and The Hub! 

Recently, I decided to upgrade it slightly - for a 'grown up' afternoon tea with friends, and the result went down so well, that I thought I would share the 'upgraded' version! 


Step One

First of all you make the basic Swiss Roll, as described by Mary Berry's Recipe (link above). Once out of the oven, I roll it up tight in baking parchment, to help create its form and keep in the moisture.

Plastic clips help hold it together, whilst it cools.

Step Two

Meanwhile, boil a kettle and put two knives suitable for spreading into the water, to warm. Then unroll the Swiss Roll (keeping it on the baking parchment) and place two/three tablespoons of Black Cherry Jam (I used Waitrose jam) at the end that will be rolled last. Spread the jam towards the middle part of the roll, making sure the cherries in the jam end up at the end which will be the middle part of the roll. Try to keep from spreading right to the edge, as jam will squidge that way, anyway, as you roll the sponge.

The warm knife helps the jam spread evenly.

Step Three

Add some blobs of some whipped coconut cream. Top tip: if you're making coconut cream, follow this recipe, BUT start the cream two days before - one day to refrigerate it, then whip it, then leave it in the fridge overnight - it will end up thicker. However, if you bring it back to room temperature it will become a lot looser again, so only spread near the time you are going to consume the Swiss Roll! Then use the second knife to spread the cream over the jam - some mixing may occur, keep dipping your knife back in to the hot water, to help the icing spread more smoothly. 

Given that making the coconut cream takes some thinking about and some preparation, if, (like me, most of the time), you can't be faffed to make the cream, I have found Betty Crocker's Vanilla Style Buttercream Icing (or your own, if you prefer) makes an excellent substitute.

Dotting blobs of icing/cream over the jam makes it easier to spread the icing.

Step Four

Lift the baking parchment under the end of the roll that will end up in the middle, and roll the sponge back into a roll, as tight as you can manage.

Rolling it all back together.

Step Five

Place on platter, cut, serve and enjoy!!

You could embellish the top, but mine never lasts that long!


Even yummier with Waitrose Raspberry and Prosecco Jelly and some coconut cream!! :)

Please note: 
This post is not an advert. I have not been paid to write this post. I am not sponsored in any way, even by advertising. I do not receive products free to review, although I have often been offered them. This is to try and maintain an unbiased approach. All views expressed are my own (unless I've asked for The Hub's or Kiddo's).

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