Thursday, 5 May 2016

Tesco NEW Dairy Free Avocado Margarine

When Allergy Adventures posted about this margarine, yesterday, I have to admit I was curious!

I mean we see so many dairy free soya and sunflower margarines, but avocado?? That's a bit different and possibly, hopefully more healthy, you might think?

I've baked with avocado before - using the avocado in place of butter and actually it was quite nice.

SO I hot footed it off to Tesco, to find some of the new marg, and find out how it stacked up!!

Here it is, (well the tub, anyway)!

New at Tesco!

It turned out that there was also a new coconut margarine, but I wasn't so fussed about that, as Koko have already manufactured one of those, but avocado, that's something different, right? Although you couldn't have guessed when you opened the tub. 

Isn't avocado usually green?

What's it like??

Must admit I felt a little bit cheated, 'cos all I could see was what looked like regular margarine and I was really expecting to see something that resembled avocado - you know, something a bit green, maybe??

And to taste? No I really couldn't taste avocado either! Just regular margarine! Oh!! 
And to be honest, I thought it was a bit...well... greasy.

Today I used it to bake some biscuits, and yep, it's definitely greasy. I could have used a bit less than normal.

What's in it??

Well less than 24% avocado as it turns out! 'Cos the tub states that 24% of this 'reduced fat spread' spread is made with a blend of vegetable oils and avocado oil! NOT so much avocado then!! HMMPH!!

Water, Avocado Oil, Rapeseed Oil, Palm Oil, Salt, Emulsifier (mono- and di-glycerides of Fatty acids), Colour (carotenes), Vitamin A, Vitamin D.

How much??

This bit definitely rankles! At £1.20, it costs the same (more or less) as my usual brand of dairy free margarine, BUT the tub holds half the amount, so effectively you're paying twice as much, for a product which I felt (obviously only my humble opinion) was slightly inferior. 

Will I be buying it again?? Probably not! I can't help feeling that Tesco have actually missed a great opportunity here. The interest shown by visitors to our Face Book page was immense- they were really interested in a product made with avocado - yet I suspect many of them will be as disappointed as I.

Oh well! Anyone else fancy having a go at making an avocado spread??

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