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Koko Dairy Free Soya Free Coconut Yogurt

'Well, just how many coconut yogurts do we need?' I thought, when I first heard about Koko's new dairy free and soya free yogurts. 

After all, everyone seems to be making coconut yogurt these days - good news when I heard about the first one, as there was very little in the way of soya free yogurts at the time, but now... they're everywhere!! And good though that is, it's surely time for a bit more originality, something a little bit different, maybe??

And then I heard they had additional calcium as well as probiotics... and my ears pricked up!

Looking good!

You see there are other coconut yogurts out there, some with probiotics, that are organic, or use natural sugars etc. but only one other has additional calcium - and that, for a mum of a little one with a dairy allergy, is an important consideration!! Other children eat dairy yogurts full of the stuff and one of the anxieties that many mums of kids with cow's milk protein allergy have, is whether their child is getting enough (see here, for a post about this).

As my Kiddo doesn't like that other yogurt, or indeed any other dairy free yogurt, except the one that happened to be made on the same line as dairy products and gave her a reaction, I was keen to see how this new yogurt would stack up.

What to look for on the shelves...

What's it like?

The small pots come in four flavours: strawberry, raspberry, peach & passion fruit, or coconut and lemon. 

I began with strawberry. I had to order it, as I can't buy it locally, so only went for one packet as I don't eat a great deal of yogurt, and I didn't know how long it would last. Actually, it turned out to have quite a long date, so I could have ordered more. 

In terms of taste etc. I wasn't sure what to expect, and usually prefer a more natural yogurt, but nonetheless was really pleasantly surprised. They tasted much like a 'normal' yogurt - with a lovely smooth and creamy texture. The thickness was just right. I was also really pleased that there were lots of strawberry (12%) pieces in it. There were definitely identifiable as strawberry too! 

I really liked this yogurt, and am sure to buy it again - more often when it becomes more readily available near me.

And Kiddo? Well she hasn't got a look in yet, will have to get some more! :D

Delicious creamy yogurt

What's in it?


Strawberry Yogurt:
Water, Coconut Cream, Strawberries, Sugar, Modified Maize Starch, Glucose Fructose Syrup, Thickener (Guar Gum, Pectin), Natural Flavouring, Aciditity Regulator (Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate), Dextrose, Salt, Colour (Carotene, Carrot Concentrate), Calcium Phosphate, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Non-Dairy Yogurt Culture (S. Thermophilus, L. Bulgaricus)

So, it turned out that not only did it have added calcium (128mg per 100g - 170mg per pot), but Vitamin D (needed to absorb calcium) and Vitamin B12 (not easily found in plant products) too!! Even better!! See full nutritional info here)

Important Update May 2017: 

Koko yogurts now state 'may contain nuts'. This does not affect Koko milk or spread. It is due to other products being made on the same line, over which Koko have no control. The risk is minimal, but there nonetheless, please read below, for further information:

Where can you buy it?

Morrison's stock the full range of yogurts, as do Ocado. Asda stock all the small pots. Hopefully other supermarkets will follow suit soon!

In Northern Ireland, the following Asda stores stock them too:


How Much?

You get two 125g pots in a pack, costing £1.25. Or one large 500g pot of Plain yogurt for £1.85. 

It's more expensive than most 'normal' yogurts, but you're going to be paying more for a yogurt that isn't going to bring back the same financial return to the manufacturers, as a product made from cow's milk would - well, not unless the rest of the population gives up cow's milk! Let's face it, it has to bring the manufacturers some financial reward, or it won't be commercially viable and will disappear from the shelves of our supermarkets.

Summing up...

A great new dairy free, soya free product and one that I am definitely going to recommend to others! Fab work Koko!! Go to the top of the class!!

Please note: 
This post is not an advert. I have not been paid to write this post. I am not sponsored in any way, even by advertising. I do not receive products free to review, although I have often been offered them. This is to try and maintain an unbiased approach. All views expressed are my own (unless I've asked for The Hub's or Kiddo's).

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  1. Brilliant - I've just added some to my Ocado shopping basket. My little one (dairy and soya free) doesn't like any of the other coconut yogurts so we'll give these a try.